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Art & Image

Art & Image, Inc. has been a growing small business in southwest Michigan since 1991.  We currently service customers locally and nationally.  With all the different types of advertising available it is difficult to choose just one.  I am a firm believer that all advertising is important because you are reaching every demographic that may have a need.  We have customers that have $25.00 needs and $50,000.00 needs. 

 I started using Full Moon to highlight certain niche products like boat lettering in the spring.  I have had responses from South Haven and also New Buffalo when we ran the ad.  The success of the ad was very noticeable.  Some advertising is done that never shows a direct return.  We have done ads for banners.  The first time that we offered a banner for $99.00 bucks that would normally cost $150.00 we sold 26 banners.  This was due to the exposure we had in Full Moon.  We had people that never had used Art & Image, Inc. before come through the door and ask… “how long have you been open”  My response was “Oh,  about 20 years”.  So when these people made a purchase that was easy, friendly, professional, and exactly what they ordered and were quoted!  They told others, who told others and so on.

 I continue to spend money on Full Moon because of the return that I see directly.  This is not usual with advertising and most other media show averages and other sales techniques to get you to buy.  I am a business owner that goes to work every day not to just work, but to make money by helping others get what they want out of life.   The fact that Full Moon has been a customer and a vendor means that our local economy will continue to thrive.  Reciprocation between business is an important link that often goes unnoticed.


-Scott Schonschack

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