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Bill's Appliances

Years ago, my company placed a small ad in the Full Moon publication and it ran for a few months. We did not see the benefit so we pulled the ad and did not think much about it until this year. In Spring 2021 Mike checked back with us. I was hesitant from our past experience but decided to take a chance and place not one but 2 large ads. One for my appliance store and the other for our antique buying hobby. Let me tell you the results are night and day!


We have run the ads since spring 2021 and my business has received a 25% increase in traffic as well as sales. My antiques buying hobby has received a 100% increase compared to using ads in other publications such as the Leader.

I am impressed with my results. Mike and staff have been wonderful to work with! If you're hesitant, like I was, take a chance, the Full Moon has increased in popularity. I believe the Full Moon Publication is set to continue to grow

and in the future your business will too.


Sincerely, Bill Yoho

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