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Buffalo Wild Wings / Hot Box Pizza of South Bend

My Name is Dan Stauffer, and I am one of the owners of the local Buffalo Wild Wings and Hot Box Pizza in Eddy St. Commons.This letter is in reference to my experience with Full Moon Advertising magazine. In our 16th year doing business as Buffalo Wild Wings locally, it is still hard to decide what type of local marketing seems to work, and which doesn't. We have tried them all, from radio, TV, mailers, local online, etc. We recently were approached by Mike from Full Moon Advertising to put an ad in their magazine. He was somewhat in a tight space, as one of his other clients had backed out of placing the ad he was trying to sell us at the last minute, and offered us a price break to fill his front cover. Long story short, we were placed on the front cover of the magazine, and have to say that we saw more coupons returned from this ad than I have ever seen from any other form of advertising.


I was skeptical at first, mostly because of the large range of distribution in Michigan, but the results were very positively surprising. I would love to see a handful of the Eddy St. Commons businesses co-op on buying the ad space for the front cover. I think we all can agree that bringing some more attention to Eddy St. and the great businesses we have to the local community is much needed. I personally would agree to take a portion of the front page for Hot Box if we can get enough of us to make the size and price right for all of our budgets.In addition, I would like to see all of us contact the higher ups at Kite to see what kind of budget they might have to help promote their property and their tenants.


Feel free to contact me via email any questions or concerns you might have.



Dan Stauffer--Buffalo Wild Wings / Hot Box Pizza of South Bend

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