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Heaven Scent

My name is Keith Polaskey; I own Heaven Scent water restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning. I started my company from scratch 13 years ago. Immediately, I called upon Full Moon Advertising, I have been with them for the duration. I started with 1 truck. I’ve just purchased my 6th truck. I stopped Full Moon for a month here and a month there in year 2 and year 3. I noticed immediately the decrease in workload. I’ve been addicted to Full Moon ever since. It works as hard as I do, and I’m appreciative of this. I was interested in attracting a diverse clientele, those who own a small rental up to the 12 million dollar homes we currently do work in. Full Moon is like Readers Digest; it appears to stay around ALL month long. It is my go to magazine for anything needed around the home. It’s also great for dining out, or staying in. It has helped me grow to be the community’s largest carpet cleaner and Restoration Company, boasting number 1 ranking for about a decade. I’ve advertised with them all. Full Moon’s return is usually about 25 to 1 on its investment.



Keith Polaskey

CEO Heaven Scent

PH (269) 468-7080

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