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Brian Thomas Construction LLC

I just want to take a moment to tell others about how our decision to advertise with Full Moon Advertising is one of the best decisions we have made.  We are a small company in Berrien County and have done tree work all over the county.  We knew with spring coming up that we needed to get our name out there more, to make people aware of our business and what our company provides for home and business owners. Within days of the Full Moon coming in the mail, we were bombarded daily with calls from clients who needed our services for their tree projects. 

While we have used other means of advertising in the past, which also did well for us, we found that Full Moon offered us a way to reach everyone without breaking our advertising budget.  We definitely got what we paid for and then some!!  I would tell anyone who asks that this is the company to advertise with, whether it is for the long run or just something short and quick, you are bound to get results!  We are extremely happy when we ask how clients heard about us and they say “We saw your ad in the Full Moon”.

Thanks Full Moon Advertising!


Kim Thomas

Thomas Trees, LLC

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