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Great Lakes Pleasure Pools

Every month when we advertised in the Full Moon publication, I used to hold my breath since our swimming pool construction services require a higher discretionary income. But not anymore because soon I came to realize that everyone seems to receive, read & respond to our advertising in the Full Moon. Now Full Moon is the ONLY print advertising we do!

I had a swimming pool consultation last week that had the Full Moon sitting on the table opened up to our ad and the homeowner said with a big smile how great we looked in the Full Moon. Full Moon readers are not just "Test Kicking Tires" or in our case, "Test Tickling Toes" in the pool water, but many are "Diving In" head first taking advantage of our services and loving it thanks to the exposure we both receive from the Full Moon Publication.

Expectations Met & Greatly Exceeded, Thank You Full Moon.


Kevin Bishop

Great Lakes Pleasure Pools

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