Full Moon Advertising has been working with us for over a year now, and I am continually impressed by both the features and the reach of the publication.

Not only has it helped us to bring in 10 to 20 leads a month, but several of them have ended in sales of over $15,000.

Recently we have expanded from a smaller add to a larger format. So far it seems to have increased awareness of our brand and our sales opportunities.

I would refer any of our business associates to use Full Moon. If they are looking for a local advertising media, this is a great platform.


Budget Blinds

Saint Joseph, MI 

beer church logo.png

My commitment to advertising with FullMoon has served my company well. Like most, we are in need of expanding our staff.

FullMoon has not only out performed indeed and our Facebook ads, but it ended up being a better return on our investment than any other ad as well.

As a business owner, I strongly recommend using Fullmoon to fulfill your companies’ needs.


Beer Church

24 S. Whittaker St.

New Buffalo, MI 49117 


Full-Moon Advertising is so effective for reaching our greater southwest Michigan and northern Indiana audience that we have continued to use them annually for over ten years while we’ve virtually eliminated all other print advertising. The reach of the publication cannot be matched.


Mike and his team are a pleasure to work with, responsive, and creative.


Don Vite, VP Marketing,

Vite Greenhouses, Niles, MI. 

christmas tree shop.png

It has been a pleasure getting to know, and to learn how much the Full Moon Publication could do for our business…

Our first ad in the Full Moon brought new customers from Indiana and other parts of Michigan who enjoyed the savings that was suggested that we include in our ad.

We are very happy with the results, and wish we had made the decision to advertise with you 20 years ago!

We definitely would recommend that a business give Full Moon a try…and find out how good the results are!

Thanks Mike, for taking the time to show us how the Full Moon works, and how it can really help a business grow after 30 years in business!


Madeline and Kathleen
The Christmas Tree Gift Shop
(269) 849-3360


Just a simple note to express my appreciation for the GREAT JOB that your FULL MOON magazine adds to my advertising sucess as I promote the


2019 was another record sales year for the GATES DEALERSHIPS and we expect been better results during 2020.

 As we discussed, REPETITION, REPETITION is the secret sauce of business. Full Moon definitley helps keep our BRAND in the forefront of the Michiana consumer's mind when they consider their automotive needs. "IT IS GOOD TO KEEP REMINDING PEOPLE EVERY MONTH" as you gaurantee 145,000 homes will be targeted with my advertising message.


Thanks again for the GREAT SERVICE!


Sam Sweeden

Marketing Director



We have really struggled with the financial burden that direct mail brings to our budget. Since we cover both Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, we constantly struggled with what zip codes we can afford to use while not “gutting” our advertising budget. Full Moon advertising has been able to fill that void.

Since we have started advertising with Full Moon, we have seen a 20% uptick in new call volume in Southwest Michigan for interest in new Daikin Equipment. With the ability to get our message in front of homeowners through out the region, Full Moon provides a cost effective marketing tool that easily shows a positive ROI, fitting nicely in our media mix.


Thanks for helping us Full Moon Advertising!


Jerod Bast
Director of Marketing and New Business Development
Legacy Heating and Air


Using FMA increased the size of our event significantly. Last year was the largest attendance in 18 years. The investment we put into FMA and the community paid off. We purchased their front cover and was worth the investment. Needless to say, they are now in our annual budget. We would definitely recommend using Full Moon Advertising for your marketing needs.

Thank you,

Bret Witkowski

Berrein County Land Auction

PH (269) 982-8645
at The Dank

2651 Pipestone
Benton Harbor, MI


I've faithfully used Full Moon as part of my marketing plan for the last 9 years. It's very effective in our marketplace to create awareness and drive traffic- key ingredients in ​running a successful brick and mortar store. If you haven't used them in a while, I highly recommend doing so. Their design team is always helpful and quick to respond, making your advertisement easy to produce. Their pricing is reasonable for the market saturation and areas covered...don't wait any longer before giving them a call!


Be Blessed!



Parable Christian Store of St Joseph &

P Graham Dunn Gallery of St. Joseph

PH (269) 983-7883

2913 Niles Ave, St. Joseph, MI


Thank you to Full Moon Advertising for the opportunity to share our boutiques story. We have been placing ads with Full Moon since our store opened in April of 2015 and it is the one advertising that we do that we constantly see customers (new and old) coming in with coupons to use.


Thank You

Pam VanDevoorde
Two Dogs and a Cat
7225 Heritage Square Dr #240
Granger, IN 46530
(574) 400-0423


Here at Pater True Value we have been with Full Moon Advertising for the last three years. We have seen many new faces along with returning customers. Every month we show case various great deals and our special coupon. Full Moon Advertising is great to work with. They go above and beyond to make sure your ad gets the best results. 


Pater True Value

PH (269) 556-9971
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085


As I look at last year’s numbers, your publication (FMA), outperformed every other print media that I used hands down.  I don’t know what you’re doing that makes FMA so much more effective than your competitors, but I’d ask that you keep it up!

 I was able to add 2 full routes in your market during my first year there.  FMA played a major role in that growth.  Again, I plan on using FMA and hope to double or triple Mosquito Shield’s presence in the Southwestern Michigan region in 2018.


Thanks again for the great job you do!


Charles A Barnes Jr.

Mosquito Shield of West Michigan
PO Box 56
Bellevue, MI 49021
Office: (269) 763-9248


We wanted to share our success story with our Ad in the  Full Moon Ad Mailer. Our goal was to create customer awareness of our business of 42 years in Sawyer. This ad reached out to 105,000 homes, and it increased our customer base. Phone calls increased and walk in customers who saw the ad also contributed to our increase. The month is not over and we believe when all said and done, this month was a 20% increase. Falatics Meat Market has not advertised in 33 years. We are very happy with the results, and thrilled with our new customers. We look forward to more success with our future ads.



Pamela Falatic

Falatic's Meat Market

PH (269) 426-3224

12236 Red Arrow Hwy

Sawyer, M


I am writing this letter just to say thanks to Full Moon Advertising and the staff there.

 They are great to work with on our ads and they defiantly increase our sales. Our customers actually come in with a Full Moon publication in their hands. Mike and his staff have always been a pleasure to work with and they truly have your best interest at heart as they work with you on advertising.

 I highly recommend working with the folks at Full Moon…They treat you like a friend.


Thank You

Mark McCray
Abbey Carpet & Floors

PH (574) 272-4500
50760 Indiana 933
South Bend, IN


I really could have written this review after the second year I started advertising in the full moon. But it's been seven years and thanks to this great publication we are still growing. We, like many businesses, ask all our new clients where they heard about us. Hands  down the full moon wins! We change up our marketing annually from billboards to television and other print magazines, but nothing comes close to full moon. For seven years it has been the only constant in my campaign. I couldn't recommend a better marketing product to any business, and the people are great to work with.


Dina Perry

Bunk and Biscuit Pet Resort

PH (269) 684-BUNK

1740 W Bertrand Rd.

Niles, MI

Robert Clayton-1Spot.jpg

I just wanted to say how well my ad with Full Moon advertising works for my company.

My business has steadily grown in the Michiana area with the exposure that I get with your flyer that comes out once a month. So many of my customers say " I saw your ad in Full Moon advertising and I decided to call you".

The owner, Mike, is great to work with, as well as the staff. Any questions are answered in a timely manner, and I get a call once a month to see if I need any changes before the next publication. Great service and return on my advertising investment!


Bob Clayton

Robert Clayton Plastering and Drywall

PH (269) 695-7621l
4060 W. Bertrand
Niles, MI. 49120


We inquired with Full Moon about advertising Mike came and gave us a presentation and it seemed like a lot of dollars.

We had tried other media, without success, but Mike was right…his publication worked.

 Be Restored Clinic is where people have the choice of being treated naturally or traditionally. We have experienced continual, steady, monthly growth in building our patient base.

Thank You Full Moon Advertising…you are doing a great job for us!


Ray Rosenberg
Be Restored Clinic
PH (269) 605-9770
Coloma, MI


Prime Table Restaurant has been advertising with Full Moon for over 20 years, and has never missed a publication. Full Moon Advertising consistently offers us creative strategies and new successful promotions.

 We are very happy with our advertising results in their publication. The discounts and coupons we offer help our customers visit us more often and our ads help us reach new customers
FullMoonAd.com is a great publication!


Nick Giannakakis
Prime Table Restaurant
PH (269) 684-2112
1915 S 11th St, Niles, MI 49120


The Lerner Theatre is the heart of Elkhart’s Arts and Entertainment District, but we’ve sought ways to become a regional destination. Full Moon has helped us accomplish that goal.

 With a consistent buy in Full Moon to promote our concert schedule and the Elkhart Jazz Fest, we have seen results in the increased numbers of new ticket buyers from locations covered by the advertising. We added the additional measure of a specific URL to see web traffic generated by print ads for our events. 

 While we are on the eastern edge of Full Moon’s coverage area, we know our customers – existing and potential - are everywhere. The Lerner is grateful that

Full Moon Advertising has helped us connect with our audience.


Trevor Wendzonka

Marketing Manager

 The Lerner Theatre

PH (574) 293-4469
410 S Main St, Elkhart, IN 46516

Dr Padlalogo.jpg

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell others how our decision to advertise with Full Moon has been steady for over 17 years  and consistently meets our advertising needs.…better than any other means of advertising.

 At first I questioned whether or not the medical industry would get results in this kind of publications, but the results have gone above and beyond our expectations.

 We are extremely pleased when we ask our clients how they heard about us and they say “We saw your ad with FullMoonAd.com ”.

Thank You Full Moon Advertising!


Dr. Dennis Padla, M.D.

PH (269) 983-3885
211 Hilltop Rd, Saint Joseph, MI


We have advertised with Full Moon Advertising for the past several years. As I was the new owner of a long-standing local business, I wanted a way to connect

with the local community of people I did not know. Using a monthly column to give advise for health-related issues, I gained recognition as the "guy who writes

in the Full Moon". People from all over have brought in the column they cut out of the paper and ask for featured products, often with the names

underlined so they don't forget. It's been very effective for us.

Working with the Full Moon staff has been easy, and they have a great way of laying out the ad for maximum benefit and appeal.

People do read the paper and I am glad to use Full Moon for our advertising medium.



Jim Bussis, RPh

PH (269) 983-4802

807 Napier Avenue St.Joseph,M I49085


It is my pleasure to recommend the advertising services of Full Moon Advertising to you. During the past 6 months, I have worked directly with Mike

and the Full Moon staff, on numerous advertising projects.  When I was first approached by Full Moon’s team, I was skeptical their advertising would

be profitable for my practice. I have invested in other print advertising before and was always disappointed when we received no return on our investment.

Over the past 6 months, working with Mike and the Full Moon team, we received more than double the return from the previous months and invested

more money into the Full Moon Advertising. We believe that their creativity and knowledge of direct mailing strategies has led to this success.

The company offers top-notch quality, customer service and design work.


Full Moon Advertising has generated the most profit from advertising that I have invested in. Mike has mentioned to me that I am one of his “busiest”

clients to reach; however his customer service is spectacular. When I do need to meet with him, he drops everything to meet with me. I find our monthly

meetings to be very productive, and enjoy hearing his ideas and advice for our upcoming months. Because of his experience, he is able to give me great

insight into what the public wants to learn.


Please consider the Full Moon Advertising for all your corporate advertising needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.



Shana Greenlee
Marketing Manager
The Centre, P.C.
Comprehensive Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

heaven scent.png

My name is Keith Polaskey; I own Heaven Scent water restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning. I started my company from scratch 13 years ago. 

Immediately, I called upon Full Moon Advertising, I have been with them for the duration. I started with 1 truck. I’ve just purchased my 6th truck.

I stopped Full Moon for a month here and a month there in year 2 and year 3. I noticed immediately the decrease in workload.

I’ve been addicted to Full Moon ever since. It works as hard as I do, and I’m appreciative of this. I was interested in attracting a diverse clientele,

those who own a small rental up to the 12 million dollar homes we currently do work in.
Full Moon is like Readers Digest; it appears to stay around ALL month long. It is my go to magazine for anything needed around the home.

It’s also great for dining out, or staying in.


It has helped me grow to be the community’s largest carpet cleaner and Restoration Company, boasting number 1 ranking for about a decade.

I’ve advertised with them all. Full Moon’s return is usually about 25 to 1 on its investment.



Keith Polaskey
CEO Heaven Scent

PH (269) 468-7080


We've been in business for 35 years and Full Moon Advertising has been the best advertising for us ever! The best bang for your buck!

I would recommend to any business owner, that is coupon based to diffently advertising with Full Moon Advertising.


Nancy Wesler

The Original Pancake House

South Bend, IN


Our most recent ad run in Full Moon was an interesting experiment. We weren't sure what to expect.

It had been a few years since we used Full Moon in our marketing plan. After running the ad, I had a person in the exact demographic

we were trying to reach bring the ad in to show me. This made me so happy. And soon after, we were getting more calls

and visits to the Pregnancy Care Center. The thing that strikes me about Full Moon is that dollar for dollar,

I'm not sure where I would reach more of the area I'm looking to reach (primarily Berrien County, MI.) for the money. Thank Full Moon.


Jennifer Smith,

Executive Director

Pregnancy Care Center, Niles


I just want to take a moment to tell others about how our decision to advertise with Full Moon Advertising is one of the best decisions we have made. 

We are a small company in Berrien County and have done tree work all over the county.  We knew with spring coming up that we needed

to get our name out there more, to make people aware of our business and what our company provides for home and business owners. 

Within days of the Full Moon coming in the mail, we were bombarded daily with calls from clients who needed our services for their tree projects. 

While we have used other means of advertising in the past, which also did well for us, we found that Full Moon offered us a way to reach everyone

without breaking our advertising budget.  We definitely got what we paid for and then some!!  I would tell anyone who asks that this is the company

to advertise with, whether it is for the long run or just something short and quick, you are bound to get results! 

We are extremely happy when we ask how clients heard about us and they say “We saw your ad in the Full Moon”.

Thanks Full Moon Advertising!


Kim Thomas
Thomas Trees, LLC


Art & Image, Inc. has been a growing small business in southwest Michigan since 1991.  We currently service customers locally and nationally.  With all the different types of advertising available it is difficult to choose just one.  I am a firm believer that all advertising is important because you are reaching every demographic that may have a need.  We have customers that have $25.00 needs and $50,000.00 needs. 

 I started using Full Moon to highlight certain niche products like boat lettering in the spring.  I have had responses from South Haven and also New Buffalo when we ran the ad.  The success of the ad was very noticeable.  Some advertising is done that never shows a direct return.  We have done ads for banners.  The first time that we offered a banner for $99.00 bucks that would normally cost $150.00 we sold 26 banners.  This was due to the exposure we had in Full Moon.  We had people that never had used Art & Image, Inc. before come through the door and ask… “how long have you been open”  My response was “Oh,  about 20 years”.  So when these people made a purchase that was easy, friendly, professional, and exactly what they ordered and were quoted!  They told others, who told others and so on.

 I continue to spend money on Full Moon because of the return that I see directly.  This is not usual with advertising and most other media show averages and other sales techniques to get you to buy. 

 I am a business owner that goes to work every day not to just work, but to make money by helping others get what they want out of life.   The fact that Full Moon has been a customer and a vendor means that our local economy will continue to thrive.  Reciprocation between business is an important link that often goes unnoticed.


-Scott Schonschack


Dear Friends at Full Moon Advertising,  


The November ad was terrific. From the profits of the K of C "All You Can Eat Breakfast", we were able to reach our goal and purchase all new coats for the children.


Thank you very much! 


Dick Dornbos 
Knights of Columbus  Council 4263 
Granger, IN


On behalf of the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan we are proud to announce that you have been nominated to receive the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan Outstanding Media Award for 2013. The Crime Prevention Association of Michigan Awards are presented annually to honor its members and persons who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the citizens of Michigan in the field of crime prevention.

 Crime Prevention Association of Michigan Awards Committee

Crime Prevention Association of Michigan
655 Auditorium Rd. Room 421
East Lansing MI 48824


My ad has worked great! It has been our best advertising investment by far.  My phone rings every month right after the mailing!  We are definitely interested in renewing.


Jenny Mitschelen


"Our business needs to draw from a wider geography and bigger population than the local Saint Joseph-Benton Harbor-Stevensville area. For us, Full Moon is the answer. With Full Moon, we are able to draw from all of Berrien County and some of Northern Indiana. We advertise with four of the prominent area advertising publications, including Full Moon, and we get more new customers from our Full Moon ads than from the others."


Dr Cheryl MacDonald
Bellissima Medical Spa & Laser Center
St. Joseph, MI


Do I think that using Full Moon advertising is a good marketing tool?

You bet!

We started using Full Moon 10 years ago to help increase exposure to our Roll-off service. They were great to help us design our ad. Since then we have consistently brought in 3x the $$ amount of the advertising costs.


M. Whetstone
Roll-off Manager
Southeast Berrien County Landfill


"We've partnered with Full Moon Advertising for nearly ten years and the return on our monthly investment makes advertising with Full Moon an automatic every year. There is no way we could reach the number of people that we do as affordably without using Full Moon Advertising."
Jay Williams
PGA Professional
Briar Leaf Golf Club
LaPorte, IN


It's nice to do business with Full Moon Advertising. They are willing to work around our advertising needs, and our ads are always professionally displayed.

Thank you,

Krohne Plant Farms


When I first signed up for a Full Moon ad I was skeptical as to how well it would actually work for my business. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of customers that I see that use coupons from Full Moon Advertising. It is the most successful way we distribute coupons to our customers. As the economy gets tough, customers are looking for a way to still enjoy dining out but also be able to fuel up their car. Coupons are the way and Full Moon Advertising is the medium.


Jeremy S. Bayles
Franchise Owner
Wings Etc. Restaurant and Pub
Niles, MI


My Name is Dan Stauffer, and I am one of the owners of the local Buffalo Wild Wings and Hot Box Pizza in Eddy St. Commons.This letter is in reference to my experience with Full Moon Advertising magazine.

 In our 16th year doing business as Buffalo Wild Wings locally, it is still hard to decide what type of local marketing seems to work, and which doesn't. We have tried them all, from radio, TV, mailers, local online, etc. We recently were approached by Mike from Full Moon Advertising to put an ad in their magazine. He was somewhat in a tight space, as one of his other clients had backed out of placing the ad he was trying to sell us at the last minute, and offered us a price break to fill his front cover.

 Long story short, we were placed on the front cover of the magazine, and have to say that we saw more coupons returned from this ad than I have ever seen from any other of this form of advertising. I was skeptical at first, mostly because of the large range of distribution in Michigan, but the results were very positively surprising.

 I would love to see a handful of the Eddy St. Commons businesses co-op on buying the ad space for the front cover. I think we all can agree that bringing some more attention to Eddy St. and the great businesses we have to the local community is much needed. I personally would agree to take a portion of the front page for Hot Box if we can get enough of us to make the size and price right for all of our budgets.

 In addition, I would like to see all of us contact the higher ups at Kite to see what kind of budget they might have to help promote their property and their tenants.


Feel free to contact me via email any questions or concerns you might have.



Dan Stauffer--Buffalo Wild Wings / Hot Box Pizza of Soth Bend

Email -- bwwdls@aol.com


"The Waterfront has been using Full Moon Advertising for 10 years. Consistently month after month, we have seen new clientele as well as maintain the loyalty of past customers. If you are a coupon related business; we highly recommend that you use Full Moon Advertising because they prove results, simply with the redemption of monthly coupons.


Thanks Full Moon!"


The Bertuca Family

(269) 468-7777


At first Seaweed Cutting was skeptical to advertise in Full Moon
Advertising, because of the fact that we cater to high-income customers. With our minimum charge starting at $5000.  I thought that we would not get the cliental that we were looking for.

 We were amazed at the number of lake Home Owners who read this publication that are from Chicago and the surrounding states.


We will continue advertising with Full Moon year round.  




A friend asked me the other day what I thought about The Full Moon. I said, "I can sum it up in a single word - Terrific! We started with The Full Moon when we opened our business. It is responsible for getting us our start and making a phone ring that simply wasn't ringing. So I love The Full Moon and can't say enough positive about them. If I was to tell a new business owner what he or she needed to do to get their business started it would be to get with The Full Moon and listen to what they tell you - you'll be glad you did!"


Richard Smith, Owner
Water Zone Softeners
6560 Red Arrow Hwy,
Coloma, MI 49038
269-468-6800 or


"Our ad with full Moon Advertising has been a great step forward. It has enabled us to market our "Farm Raised" quality meat to many customers in both small and large quantities. They have been very helpful and pleasant to work with. Thanks Full Moon!"


Linda Kaminski
Kaminski Farms Meats

16682 Schwark Rd
Three Oaks, MI 49128


I am writing this letter to share my experience with Full Moon Advertising. We were skeptical at first, but finally we were convinced to run 3 months of ads with coupons in the mailer that they send out each month. After 3 months, I was instructed by my supervisor to no longer place ads in the mailer. Why? We had exceeded our budget for the year in discounted food. Over the 3 months we averaged 20 redeemed coupons per day. Unfortunately, our bookkeeping is set up in a way that makes that many coupons a negative thing in the eyes of our corporate office. I would recommend using Full Moon to anyone who is trying to increase their business by using coupons, or needs an effective means of advertising.



Paul Bell
Managing Partner


4609 Grape Road
Mishawaka, IN


As a Media Planner at an advertising agency I started utilizing Full Moon Advertising in an attempt to effectively generate leads for one of the national clients I service in the South Bend area. Not only does the product work great and generate more leads that we had anticipated but the entire staff is very professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. They have bent over backwards to please both the client and myself. I would recommend Full Moon without reservation!


Sarah Wartman
Media Planner
The Integer Group


"I have had 8 years of successful advertising with Full Moon Advertising!"


Paul Noe
Gutter Protection


I began adverting in the Full Moon Advertising Publication about 7 years ago.  The publication is dedicated toward advertising businesses that would like to experience immediate action by their customers and achieve measurable returns. During the months when we run ads there is an immediate lift in business.   Full Moon Advertising produces an average return of 486 transactions annually in our store.  Many are first time customers that visit our store which makes the publication a great way to create new business.  The staff at Full Moon is pleasant to work with and provides valuable assistance in creating very appealing ads that our attractive and customers respond to them.   


Perry Miroballi
Miroballi Shoe Stores Inc.
(708) 712-1839

cat meow.jpg

My cat and small pet boarding facility The Cat's Meow has done all types of advertising. From magazines, billboards, lone ads, to online.

When I ask our clients where they have heard about us, the response more often than not has always been the Full Moon. They have outperformed all other

advertising I have done by leaps and bounds! I would definitely recommend advertising with Full Moon.


Maggie Kollar

Bills Appliances.jpg

Years ago, my company placed a small ad in the Full Moon publication and it ran a few months. We did not see benefit so we pulled the ad and did not think

much about it until this year. In Spring 2021 Mike checked back with us. I was hesitant from our past experience but decided to take a chance

and place not one but 2 large ads. One for my appliance store and the other for our antique buying hobby. Let me tell you the results are night and day!

We have ran the ads since spring 2021 and my business has received a 25% increase in traffic as well as sales. My antiques buying hobby has received

a 100% increase compared to using ads in other publications such as the Leader.

I am impressed with my results. Mike and staff have been wonderful to work with!

If your hesitant, like I was take a chance, the Full Moon has increased in popularity. I believe the Full Moon Publication is set to continue to grow

and in the future your business will too.

Sincerely, Bill Yoho


I am writing in reference to my experience with Full Moon Advertising. Over the years i have had the opportunity to work with several advertising companies who all promise big things in regards to the leads their advertising will drive. Unfortunately in my learning experience many of these opportunities bring leads however these never lead to a contract that brings money in return to my company. This is not the situation with Full Moon Advertising. I have had almost a 90% return rate of leads that turn into signed contracts in my advertising. I would also like to note that the team from sales, to office support, to the owner himself have all operated in a professional manner at all times and have been very easy to work with, making it a seamless flow for me from their graphic design, to billing, to my return on investment. They are very honest and up front in everything they present, with no hidden “small print” surprises in my contract. I would highly recommend using Full Moon Advertising for any advertising your company may have.

Thank you again for your level of professionalism, and I look forward to another awesome year working with you all.

Dawn JonesPresident

Bill’s Roof Repair, Inc.